I have been dealing with prejudice for a long time. And the way Metaculture works with it is very close to me. They do it through creative work that the youth seem to enjoy. The films they create and use are funny, imaginative and carry a clear message. This gives me hope that the upcoming generation will be better than ours.
Ester Janečková, TV host

We were extremely satisfied. Everything was well-organized, meaningful, and not shallow. The teachers were kind, helpful and ready to pass their ideas on to the children. I appreciate that.
Mgr. Magdaléna Capková , teacher FZŠ Trávníčkova

Thank you very much for this year’s great collaboration with Metaculture. We wish a lot of strength to further work and look forward to the next meeting!
Mgr. Zuzana Pfauserová, deputy headmaster, ZŠ a MŠ Jaroslava Seiferta

I would like to thank you and the whole Metaculture team a lot for the dream camp full of incredible experiences, incentives and peace. Our son Luke was really excited. And I could also experience a few hours of your wonderful camp atmosphere on the final day. Big thanks for the energy that you managed to pass on to the children.
Michaela Novotná, mother of one of the campers