O nás

We are a team of trained teachers, special education teachers, filmmakers and artists working under Metaculture z.s. We work together to create a better environment for living. We mainly focus on the project called “I/Me and My Prejudice”, which aims to call the attention of children and young people to the pitfalls of a black and white perception of the world, to support their responsiveness to differences and to create space for their critical thinking.

The principle of our organization is the connection of social, pedagogical, artistic, and film activities, which we consider to be excellent means of expression.

We offer methodologies for primary and secondary school teachers and we arrange interactive workshops for children and youth. The methodologies are focused on topics such as Prejudice, Migration, Phenomenon of Homelessness, How can I positively influence my surrounding, Values, Hoaxes and Fake News, which can be followed by film workshops.

We also newly cooperate with shelters and centres for mothers and children. In these facilities, both children and mothers need to work on increasing their self-confidence, encouraging their cooperation and coexistence. All these are included in our activities that we offer.

Some media are already interested in our films for children and youth and we could reach general public, mainly wider children’s audience soon.