Spolupráce s ÚMPOD

Since August 2018 we have been cooperating with ÚMPOD (the Office for International Legal Protection of Children), which is implementing a project to increase the participation of children in decision-making, in other words, how a child learns what is going on in his family, how he/she can comment on what he/she feels and needs, who listens to the child, what conditions and support the child needs in case of parental conflict, how he/she is able to further work with his/her expression in the environment of justice and the protection of children’s rights (see Article 12 of The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child).

For this office, together with children from primary schools, we prepare 5 topics (court, interview with a child, mediation, kidnapping, international adoption) for a child friendly version of kids.umpod.cz. With these videos, we try to clearly describe the activities of the office, what children can contact them with and how they can contact them. The project is funded by the ESF.