Akreditovaný kurz: Animovaný film ve výtvarných předmětech

Many teachers consider this medium to be too technically demanding and avoid it. We will convince you that it is unjustified apprehension.

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Who is it for?

Teachers of elementary, high, vocational, or art schools and leisure time teachers.


Termíny 2019:

    • 4.1. – 5.1.
    • 15.2. – 16.2.
    • 1.3. – 2.3.
    • 26.4. – 27.4.
    • 17.5. – 18.5.
    • 21.6. – 22.6.


Jaromírova 55, Prague 4 Nusle

How much?

3350 CZK (includes teachers, materials, technical equipment, drinks, rent)

We offer

  • 2 days – Friday and Saturday – seminar with workshop
  • 2 teachers – educator and animator
  • Gaining skills necessary in the field of animated film and animation education through practical exercises
  • We will discuss: procedures, the most common mistakes, expectations, possibilities for your school based on its technical facilities, support with the FEP and the range of competences that this very complex discipline helps to develop in pupils.

Through animation

we help children to get creative. Children learn new art techniques, add them to their existing skills, present their original works, acquire information in new ways, develop conceptual thinking and deal with the challenges of cooperation.

  • Self-esteem and self-presentation are enhanced, among other things, by focusing on the final project output e.g. a performance. Children stop copying others and create their own opinions and works. Positive impact on children's self-esteem.
  • Improving cooperation – teachers and children feel the difference. The new findings about classmates contribute to bringing the team together. The group can then effectively use individuals' abilities and is able to make the most of their potential as a team.
  • Improving the social climate goes hand in hand with improved cooperation between children and teachers.
  • Independence – greater children's autonomy supports relaxed atmosphere full of curiosity, joy and without any potential fears. • Improving relationship with teachers


Magdalena Capková

  • She was born in 1971. After middle school in Beroun, she graduated from DAMU in Prague with Bachelor’s degree in stage management, major Alternative and Puppet Theatre. In addition to attending a large number of drawing and painting courses, she has broadened her scope of activity through retraining as an artistic ceramist and spinner in Atelier K. Since her studies at DAMU in the 1990s, she has been teaching art and aesthetic education at primary schools. She has also been in charge of her own courses of ceramics for many years and continues to work as a designer for Sacra Circus. She has never stopped working on her own pieces of work. She graduated from the Faculty of Education of the University of West Bohemia, the Department of Art Culture. She also works as a methodologist of prevention at primary schools. She has been using animation for a long time both as an educational tool and as an art technique in her lessons and has devoted her diploma thesis to it. She focuses on animation methodology for teachers.

Michael Caringhton

  • Born in London in 1973, where he graduated. He then moved to Zlín (1994-1996) where he graduated from the Film School Zlín, which was a new school at the time. His program was specializing in graphic design of animated film. After his studies he returned to London where he worked in the studio of animated film and focused also on his own production. From 2002 to 2005 he worked with the charity project Poetry in Wood as a teacher in a sheltered workshop for adults with learning difficulties. He got training in education at Tower Hamlets College in London. In addition to teaching art disciplines, he used animation as a means of teaching.

Nazlı Akile Kaya

  • Czech animator of Turkish origin Akile Nazlı Kaya (* 1980). After studying graphic design in Ankara, she studied animation in Zlín and received her master's degree at the multimedia department at FAMU. Her films were selected for festivals – IDFA Documentary Amsterdam and Annecy Animated Film Festival. She assisted on Jan Švankmajer's film “Přežít svůj život”. She is dedicated to combining hand-held animation and documentary film, and has recently shared her experience in international workshops.

Lucie Strnadelová

  • She studied classical film animation at Zlín Film School. Since graduating in 2000, she works as an animator at Zlín Film Studios. Her work is solely connected with classical animation, both drawn and flat, puppet and animation of objects – pixilation. As an animator she was involved in creating the bedtime series Bob and Bobek, Štaflík and Špagetka, Krysáci and Žížaláci. She animated puppets of a feature-length fairy tale Kovář z Podlesí. She also worked on music videos, commercial spots, projects and she works as a teacher of animation workshops. She currently lives in Prague and works on several animation projects.


Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports: MSMT – 5679/2018

Animation as the old-time medium of the visual world can be found in all framework educational programs, especially for the subjects of Culture and Art – Art and Media Education (both a separate subject and a cross-sectional theme). However, it can also be used very well as an interdisciplinary or project linker.